Turt. The compiler for tt.

Some unasked questions and their answers.
  • What is tt?
    tt stands for Turing Tongue. tt's compiler is turt(TURing Tongue).
    What tt is designed to do is to write Turing machines, and then to evaluate input based on said machine's rules.
  • Why is tt?
    What I plan to do in the end is to use the mechanism of tt and map tt programs to the elementry assembly codes of a modern computer,
    This serves multiple purposes.
    One:    It gives people who study these codes, as implemented in tt, a chance to grasp the building blocks of a computer.
    Two:    It can be uses as a teaching tool
  • Whois tt?
    Right now it is myself(V'lion), and whomever else joins. After a few weeks I will post the list. At 4:48pm MST January 6th 2004,
    I have two peoplewho have joined. Everyone who is interested and is willing to learn is invited. If many people are interested then of course
    I will have to be more stringent about allowing people developer access on SF. However anybody will be allowed to contribute.

On a disconnected basis:

  • Will there be multiple languages/OSs?
    I speak basic German currently and plan to speak it fluently eventually. I may translate tt into German if people ask me to. At the moment, my "geek" German is negligable. If other people desire to translate it, they are free to do so. All project files will need to be kept the same: we don't need language-specfic forks now.
    As for OSs, right now Linux is what all scripts are written for. I do not believe that any of the core code is platform-specfic. Windows scripts may be added soon.
    All one needs is flex, bison, and a C++ compiler for the initial compiling, then a C++ compiler thereafter.
  • What IS a Turing machine?
    Look at four websites and recieve four slightly differing answers. I suggest you search for Turing's paper where it is initially described.
    That should be the initial place; thereafter I would recommend searching your university library for a book that has Turing machines described.




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